Corporate Visions Launches Just-in-Time, Situational Learning Experience for B2B Sales Teams

The integrated, interactive tool brings together marketing messaging, content assets and sales skills coaching without requiring a SaaS license

PLEASANTON, Calif., Sept. 19, 2017 – Corporate Visions, the leading marketing and sales messaging, content and skills training company, is pioneering an interactive sales enablement “tool” designed to integrate marketing messaging, content assets, and sales coaching into a situational, just-in-time learning experience for B2B sales teams – without requiring you to buy any type of technology license.

“There’s all kinds of apps and whatnot in the marketing and sales technology ‘stack’ promising to help your salespeople succeed ‘in the moment’ across the different types of selling scenarios they face, but they are just empty shells waiting for you or your reps to put something useful into,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer at Corporate Visions. “As a result, they’ve struggled to make this vision a reality for one big reason, and that’s the content.”

Riesterer added: “Marketing messaging, content assets, and skills training and coaching need to be developed and deployed with an eye toward situational sales enablement, which is what we’ve developed and are providing with this no-user-license-required tool.”

Three trends happening right now are accelerating the convergence of marketing stories, content, and sales skills to make just-in-time learning a game-changer:

  • Situational messaging frameworks – One-size-fits-all messaging is being replaced with tested and proven frameworks that are matched to the key moments in the customer lifecycle (Why Change/Why You/Why Now/Why Stay/Why Pay). This means you must create situational messaging to match the psychology of the buyer and decision stage.
  • Situational skills training – Stand-alone skills training over the course of days in classrooms is being replaced by short, compelling video-based skills coaching modules—aligned to the various selling scenarios your reps face across the buyers’ journey. Meaning, salespeople can get smart, fast, moment-of-need coaching content matched to the selling scenario and available immediately, as opposed to waiting for their scheduled training class.
  • Integrated, interactive online experiences – Expensive platforms, apps and other SaaS solutions that force you to pay a monthly per user charge are being replaced by interactive mobile experiences that combine your stories and skills into a single situational messaging and coaching service that doesn’t require additional software and is intuitive enough that you don’t need specialized training to use it.

“Salespeople learn best when they’re in a deficit, when they really need something—not when marketers decide it’s time to issue a product launch and blast a bunch of messaging into the field, or when trainers decide to schedule an event,” Riesterer said. “Salespeople also perform best when they don’t have to deal with another piece of technology to get the messaging, content and skills at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they need them.”

To learn more about what it takes to bring situational learning to your sales team, check out this eBook, “Enabling the Just-in-Time Situational Learner.”

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