Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson

Chief Executive Officer

Erik Peterson is Chief Executive Officer at Corporate Visions, responsible for spearheading the company’s vision and strategy. Having served in a range of roles in which he led the company’s consulting and sales operations, Erik is steeped in all facets of Corporate Visions’ products, research, employees, and customers, and is uniquely positioned to execute against a growth vision that serves to the benefit of them all.

Previously Chief Customer Officer and EVP Consulting at Corporate Visions, Erik has delivered consulting engagements, keynotes, and messaging skills workshops to more than 10,000 marketing and sales executives in over 13 countries, and his teams have done this work in 56 countries around the world.

He is also the co-author of Conversations that Win the Complex Sale: Using Power Messaging to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate Your Solution, and Close More Deals (McGraw Hill) and The Three Value Conversations: How to Create, Elevate, and Capture Customer Value at Every Stage of the Long-Lead Sale (McGraw Hill). Erik received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of New York at Buffalo. He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife and three boys.

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