Research: Differentiating Your “Virtual” Sales Meetings

By Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer

September 20, 2018

What does the typical sales meeting look like today?

A better question might be: What does the typical salesperson look like?

A market-sizing survey by found that there are 5.7 million sales professionals in the U.S.—47% are inside sales reps, while about 53% are outside. Of course, inside sellers handle all their meetings remotely. But get this: today, outside reps spend 45% of their time remote selling, an 89% increase from 2013.

That means 75% of all sales meetings are now remote. That’s how widespread meetings conducted by phone or web conference app have become today.

Clearly, this is a selling forum where you must outperform your competition if you hope to have success today. But how do you actually gain an edge? How do you become more compelling and memorable than the competitors you’re up against?

As you’ll see in this article linked to below from the International Journal of Sales Transformation, there’s no shortage of theories about what makes for a compelling sales call. Much conventional wisdom centers on “reducing friction” by keeping the conversation strictly verbal or simply directing prospects to a weblink with a Powerpoint. In fact, a survey by Corporate Visions and found that only 12% of sellers use interactive visual storytelling techniques in remote meetings.

But more important than opinion and hunch is the research about what makes for a truly remarkable conversation in a remote meeting environment. That study, conducted in partnership with the International Journal of Sales Transformation and Dr. Nick Lee, a professor at the Warwick Business School, is covered in the article link below. Discover the selling skills and techniques you need to outperform your competition in the selling environments that matter most today.

Get the research article: The Next Best Thing to Being There