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Four Essential Components for Creating the Most Impactful Product Launch in Your Company’s History

There are four essential factors for ensuring that your next product launch is the most impactful in your company’s history. Do you know what they are?

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Why Your Value Proposition Comes Up Short

Most value propositions are poorly conceived and ineffectively delivered. This article explains why your value proposition is coming up short – and how to fix it.


The Problem with Solution Selling

Solution selling has been a popular sales methodology for several decades. But it turns out, solution selling may not be the most effective sales approach.


Neuromarketing: Seven Ways to Sell to the Decision-Making Old Brain

The brain science behind neuromarketing can help improve the way you sell. This article explains why and offers seven tips for success.


Five Selling Techniques that Really Work… and Five that Don’t

Who couldn’t use an arsenal of effective selling techniques? Learn what really works, as well as which five classic go-to techniques may be hurting your sales efforts.


The Most Effective Sales Strategy is a Great Message

Studies show that the messaging element is far from adequate in today’s sales process. Therefore, the sales strategy needs to focus on customer conversations as a way to create a distinctive purchase experience and separate your company from the competition. To do that effectively, your sales strategy needs to focus on three key areas.


Sales Training that Sticks

Training is a good thing. But no matter how well you train salespeople for the job at hand, it’s always different when they are in the real situation. So, how can you make sure that your organization’s sales training sticks? The answer is coaching.


You Don’t Need a Better Sales Process – You Need a Better Sales Message

Sales processes and methodologies have been around for more than 20 years. Most companies have tried two or three of them. And most sales people have been trained on at least that many. Don’t you think maybe something is missing?


How to Increase Your B2B Sales

In B2B sales, the products are complex, the sales cycles are long, and many decision makers are involved. That’s why it’s critical that your sales reps highlight the benefits that your solution delivers, right? Wrong.




Seven Tips for More Effective Sales

In today’s economy, maximizing sales effectiveness is critical – and could make the difference between struggling for survival and generating growth. Here are seven tips to help you drive more effective sales.


The Three Deadly Sins You’re Committing with Your Marketing Message

You need to get your marketing message right across the entire sales cycle, from demand generation to sales enablement and beyond. Make sure you are not derailing your sales process by committing any of the three deadly marketing message sins.


Presentation Skills: The Two Biggest Reasons Presentations Fail and How to Avoid Them

The sales presentation is often your first opportunity to showcase your solution to prospects. And yet the typical sales presentation is a snooze fest. So what is going so wrong?


Strategies and Tactics for Better Marketing and Sales Alignment

A marketing and sales alignment problem is a business problem because without alignment, a company cannot effectively execute. Here are some strategies and tactics that can help you get on the alignment path.


Why Your Sales Message Doesn’t Work

Why do so many deals in the pipeline end up lost due to “no decision?” It’s a sales message problem. Here’s a breakdown of why your sales message doesn’t work and how to fix it so you can move more deals from no-decision to must-have.


Why You Should be Whiteboarding

Whiteboarding can help you integrate the visual storytelling model into your marketing and sales messaging approach as a powerful differentiator in competitive and complex selling environments.


How You Should be Whiteboarding

Incorporating visual storytelling into your company’s approach to executive decision makers is great, but it needs to be treated like a systematic process if you want to ensure the quality of the message and the delivery.





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