How often are YOU able to apply the key skills that high performers and high adopters of the Three Value Conversations use most frequently?

assessment3vcCorporate Visions, in partnership with third-party research firm, Beyond ROI, conducted an assessment of 374 participants, designed to answer that question.

What we found:

  • The greatest gap between respondents’ ¬†current skills and those of and high performers / high adopters is in the area of Create Value™. These conversation skills focus on defeating the status quo and differentiating your solution.
  • The most overall need for growth and improvement for respondents is in the area of Elevate Value™. These conversation skills focus on building a business case that passes muster with executive buyers.
  • Participants’ self-selected priorities for growth did not align with their lowest skill application.¬†When given an opportunity to select their top challenge by conversation category, the majority of participants chose a challenge that was not reflected in their actual behavior skill scores.

See the report here (PDF) to compare “CorpV Benchmarks” (scores of high performers / high adopters of Three Value Conversations) to the aggregate participant scores.