Buyer Psychology

Sales and marketing teams spend a lot of time planning and executing finely-tuned strategies to lead the buyer through their sales process. But your buyer’s decisions don’t follow a predictable, predetermined path.

Your buyers are motivated by their situation. And to persuade them to change, choose you, or stay with you, your approach must be tailored to match the specific buyer psychology within each situation.

How? With Decision Science.

For decades, experts have conducted experiments to better understand the hidden forces that motivate how and why people make decisions. Decision Science combines the power of neuroscience, social psychology, and behavioral economics to explore the invisible forces that shape how human beings frame value and make choices.

When you understand Decision Science concepts, you can begin to create tailored messages and develop the situational skills needed to match your buyer’s decision-making process.

While most of the industry’s so-called “best practices” are based on opinions, hunches, or someone’s personal experience, science is unbiased—it focuses solely on the buyers and their behavior. The science reveals what approach works best, based on buyer psychology, for every situation you face as a seller or marketer.

In this collection of science-backed resources, you’ll dive into buyer psychology to uncover the deeper motivations, biases, pressures, and demands that your buyers are dealing with in various moments in their Deciding Journey. And you’ll discover how to navigate those situations using research-backed messages, skills, and content.

Think beyond the industry’s so-called “best practices” and consider the deeper undercurrent of behavioral motivators driving your sales and marketing conversations.

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