Perspective: Making Sense of Sense-Making

Gartner Sales research shows that buyers are suffering a crisis of confidence, causing deals to stall or shrink.

That crisis in confidence is driven by something surprising:

Buyers are feeling overwhelmed with high-quality information from vendors.

Check out “Making Sense of Sense-Making” by Erik Peterson, CEO of Corporate Visions, and learn how you can:

  • Give customers contextual messaging that is designed for the key moments in the Deciding Journey.
  • Use Buyer Enablement tools to support a buyer who wants to self-serve their information—instead of, or in addition to, engaging with a salesperson.
  • Equip salespeople with skills and techniques to be situationally fluent across the Deciding Journey.

Equipping your sales team to address the ‘confidence’ problem, when combined with buyer enablement tools, will give you a commercial strategy you can implement today.

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