Checklist: 12 Skills for Winning the Short-Sprint Sales Cycle

Complex processes and strategic sales training programs aren’t optimized for fast-moving, high-volume B2B sales.

When you need to close a deal in just one or two calls, you don’t have time for traditional discovery and qualification. You can’t waste time presenting capabilities that don’t apply to your buyer. And a complex opportunity management process won’t get the deal to close as fast as you need.

How can you motivate your buyers to act quickly while fully articulating your value in just a few short calls?

Get this checklist for 12 science-backed sales techniques for high-velocity sellers. You’ll learn:

  • Value framing techniques to differentiate and facilitate faster, favorable choices.
  • Try-it-on approaches that quickly contextualize your demos to make them relevant.
  • Closing fluency skills to build urgency, avoid barriers, and protect your profitability.

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