Webinar Replay: Double Your Win Rates – Using Science and Technology to Help Sellers Close More Deals

If your sellers aren’t delivering the right message at the right time, you’re missing a big opportunity to increase your win rates.

It’s not only what your sellers say—it’s when they say it. New conversation intelligence data from Gong shows a significant difference in win rates if sellers introduce a specific messaging tactic at a precise time in a discovery conversation.

By analyzing the approaches sellers took to early-stage discovery conversations, Gong demonstrated that traditional question-based approaches fall short. Yet they’re still deployed far too often.

In this webinar with Doug Hutton, EVP Customer Experience at Corporate Visions, and Danny Wasserman, Senior Manager, GTM Enablement at Gong, you’ll see new data that reveals how to:

  • Motivate prospects to act fast by delivering persuasive, science-backed sales messages delivered at the right time.
  • Empower your sales managers with AI-powered trackers and scorecards so they can coach sellers more effectively.
  • Double your win rates using conversation intelligence tools and analytics to align your message, coaching, and prospect decisions.

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