Webinar Replay: What Kind of Content Creates More Opportunities?

e-books vs. interactive tools

What type of content creates the most top-of-funnel engagement and opportunity pipeline? Results from a new field trial by B2B DecisionLabs might surprise you.

Most sellers and marketers (83 percent) believe it’s important that digital content be more interactive to provide self-service buyer enablement. The idea is that interactive tools like calculators or assessments foster more meaningful, self-directed experiences that will motivate more prospects to buy.

But does that belief hold true? Turns out, changing just one variable in a sales development campaign—an interactive vs. static content asset—changes the entire outcome.

Find out what wins in this webinar replay with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Frank Pinder, General Manager of B2B DecisionLabs. Based on brand-new field trial results, you’ll discover:

  • How different types of content assets affect your prospects’ motivation to act—from engagement to pipeline.
  • How the psychology of early-stage “hand-raisers” determines which assets get them to respond or take your call.
  • How to most effectively “re-ignite” your dormant leads to generate more opportunities and maximize the return on your demand gen efforts.

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