Webinar Replay: Win the Acquisition Growth Play – Applying Buyer Psychology to Close More Deals

When it comes to customer acquisition, many revenue leaders assume their prospects will ultimately decide between two choices: their solution or a competitor’s solution.

But the truth is, at least 40 percent of deals in the pipeline end in “no decision”— especially now. If prospects don’t see a compelling enough reason to change from their status quo, they decide to do nothing at all.

How can you disrupt your prospect’s Status Quo Bias, drive the need for change, and differentiate your solution from your competitors? In this webinar with Doug Hutton, EVP of Customer Experience at Corporate Visions, you’ll get science-based principles and research-backed techniques to win your customer acquisition growth play.

Specifically, you’ll see how to:

  • Build disruptive messages backed by behavioral research to persuade prospects to change and choose you.
  • Embed effective processes for coaching your sellers and enabling faster, more favorable buying decisions.
  • Use science-backed skills to make the case for change, maintain executive attention, and navigate tense negotiations to close.

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