Checklist: Essential Skills for Customer Success

Most customer success managers shy away from anything that feels, looks, or smells like selling.

They want their customers to see them as advocates for their happiness. And the last thing they would do is upset that perception by trying to sell something.

But if you’re in customer success, you don’t need to become a sales rep. You do, however, need to become a value communicator.

From the moment your prospect becomes a customer, it’s up to you to continually reinforce your solution’s value and find opportunities to facilitate renewal and expansion conversations. You’re not just an advocate—you’re an architect for ongoing revenue growth.

How do you build stronger, more profitable customer relationships? Get this quick reference guide to learn the essential, science-backed skills you need to:

  • Create Success – Align value with meaningful metrics early in the customer relationship.
  • Elevate Success – Maintain executive engagement and access throughout the customer relationship.
  • Expand Success – Master commercial conversations to keep and grow the customer relationship.

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