E-book: The Sales Enablement Guide to Customer Expansion

Four Must-Win Moments for Keeping and Growing Revenue

Even though most companies spend the bulk of their sales budget and resources on acquiring new logos, the vast majority of your annual revenue likely comes from existing customers.

Customer expansion is a significant yet overlooked growth opportunity for Sales Enablement teams. But you can’t simply re-use your customer acquisition messaging and content—research proves those tactics dramatically hurt your chances of winning key expansion opportunities like renewals and upsells.

Check out this e-book and learn why taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your sales enablement strategy will backfire in critical situations like:

  • Renewing your customers
  • Communicating price increases
  • Convincing your customers to expand
  • Regaining trust after a service failure

Don’t risk these critical selling opportunities on opinions or hunches. Learn scientifically tested and proven messaging for keeping and growing your revenue with existing customers.

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