E-book: Four Must-Win Commercial Moments in Customer Success

Customer acquisition and demand generation seem to get all the love when it comes to commercial spend and resources. Meanwhile, the vast majority of company revenue and growth comes from existing customers.

Customer Success has emerged as a key growth engine—a separate discipline full of untapped opportunity and unique buying pressures. Why, then, do nearly 60 percent of companies see no need to differentiate their messaging between customer acquisition and customer retention/expansion?

Get our new eBook, produced in collaboration with Gainsight — trailblazers of the Customer Success field. You’ll learn how to deliver effective and compelling stories, using science-backed messaging frameworks, in four must-win commercial moments in Customer Success:

  • Why Stay: Renewing your top customers
  • Why Pay More: Communicating price increases
  • Why Evolve: Convincing your customers to migrate to higher value solutions and services
  • Why Forgive: Apologizing to customers and building trust after a service failure

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