Webinar Replay: How to Raise Prices without Losing Customers

Right now, an all-too-familiar conversation is raging in every boardroom around the world: It’s time to raise prices.

But in an economy plagued by inflation, shipping delays, service failures, and general global uncertainty, this decision is more fraught than ever.

Pre-pandemic, nearly 70 percent of companies described their price increase conversations as “50-50 or worse” in terms of how well they go over with customers. Today, with customer satisfaction already at the breaking point, the consequences of a poorly handled price increase aren’t hard to imagine.

The wrong message, delivered the wrong way, could send your customers right into the arms of your competition.

So how can you persuade existing customers to pay more without losing their loyalty?

Find out in this new webinar with Catherine Alexander, VP of Training Services at Corporate Visions. You’ll get science-backed techniques to:

  • Mitigate churn by reinforcing your existing customer relationships.
  • Increase profitability by expanding your customer’s “Range of Reason.”
  • Confidently raise prices without pushing customers out the door.

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