Webinar Replay: Turning Disjointed Customer Data into Winning Conversations

Customer success managers now have more data than they know what to do with.

There are countless platforms available to engage with customers. And there are even tools that help aggregate that data for you.

But companies need more than reliable customer data—they must know what to do with it. Leading customer success teams know they need the skills to translate that data into insights that support renewal conversations and identify expansion opportunities.

How do you turn your customer data into practical insights to have more meaningful customer conversations?

Check out this webinar with Doug Hutton, SVP of Products at Corporate Visions, and Mary Poppen, Chief Strategy Officer and Customer Officer at Involve.ai.

Tune in to learn science- and data-backed tactics to:

  • Turn at-risk customers into raving fans.
  • Keep customer decision makers engaged and aligned.
  • Uncover latent expansion opportunities.
  • Win more revenue with research-backed conversation skills.

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