Webinar Replay: The Expansion Sale

Nearly two-thirds of B2B organizations don’t see any need to differentiate their customer expansion messaging from customer acquisition messaging. They simply use the same approach, regardless of the customer relationship.

But new research proves that buying psychology in renewal and expansion conversations is 180 degrees different than in acquisition conversations. And if you don’t tailor your sales and marketing conversations to meet these unique pressures and demands, you’re putting most of your revenue at risk.

Listen to this enlightening webinar with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Dr. Nick Lee, Professor of Marketing at Warwick Business School. You’ll discover new research and proven messaging strategies to skillfully win four pivotal conversations with your existing customers:

  • Why Stay – Renewing your customers
  • Why Pay More – Communicating price increases
  • Why Evolve – Convincing your customers to expand
  • Why Forgive – Regaining trust after a service failure

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