Webinar Replay: Master Digital Selling – Make Yourself and Your Message More Memorable for Digital Buyers

Some things about sales don’t changeyou need to find prospects, get meetings, win deals, and your quota keeps going up every year.

But there’s a tectonic shift happening right now that sellers can’t afford to ignore.

Field sales teams are moving to inside sales. Travel budgets are shrinking (if they’re not already gone). Buyers are doing their own research online, they prefer digital interactions with sellers, and it’s harder than ever to get their attention.

That means sales organizations need new approaches and new tools to identify prospects, capture their interest, and effectively move them through the pipeline.

How do you make yourself and your message more memorable in a digitalfirst selling environment?

That’s what you’ll learn in this webinar with Catherine Alexander, VP of Training Services at Corporate Visions. Based on sciencebased and fieldtested techniques, you’ll see how to:

Shift your approach from stale “best practices” to a fresh, digitalfirst sales strategy.
Build an engaging digital presence to attract more leads and spark more sales conversations.

Lead memorable sales presentations that capture and keep your audience’s attention on virtual sales calls.

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