Executive Conversations

When you’re sitting across from a CXO, you only get one shot to pique their interest. If you don’t come to the table with enough knowledge and insight, they’ll shut you down without a second thought, and you won’t get another opportunity.

Without executive buy-in, your deals stall, you lose momentum, and your close rates plummet.

But dig a little deeper, and you see that stalled proposals and lost deals are the symptoms of a value communication problem. Sales reps lack the competence and the confidence to elevate the conversation, create enough urgency, and show enough business impact to persuade executive buyers to decide now.

In fact, Corporate Visions research found that the majority of companies aren’t satisfied with their ability to tell an executive-level story.

  • 67 percent say they’re underperforming at getting executive-level prospects to buy now rather than later.
  • Only 39 percent are confident in their ability to build a meaningful business and financial case to justify a decision.

How can you overcome this “fear of heights” when selling to the C-suite?

Enterprise sellers get delegated to who they sound like. So if you want to win over C-suite buyers, you need to show competence in their business at their level. The executive needs to understand that your head is inside their business—not the product or service you want to sell them.

In this collection of science-backed resources, you’ll discover how to gain the confidence and competence you need when selling to executive decision-makers.

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