Webinar Replay: How to Get Executives to Your Business Reviews (and keep them coming back)

Executives make 80 percent of B2B buying decisions, and sales reps must build a compelling ROI case to get their attention and win the business.

But after that initial sale, most salespeople don’t maintain the same level of executive altitude. Busy executives skip your business reviews. Project teams get stuck reporting metrics that decision-makers don’t care about. And that makes the expansion sale harder to win later on.

So, how do you keep executive decision-makers engaged, even after the initial sale?

In this webinar replay with Doug Hutton, SVP of Products at Corporate Visions, you’ll learn a research-backed approach to:

  • Plan the partnership – Carry over the ROI case you make in the initial sale to plan the partnership after you win the business.
  • Maintain executive altitude – Document results and articulate your value in terms that executives care about.
  • Protect and grow the relationship – Solidify your Incumbent Advantage and identify new opportunities to expand the relationship.

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