Webinar: Selling to the C-Suite: The Art and Science of Selling to Senior Decision Makers

Conventional wisdom says that if you want to sell to an executive, you need to sound like an executive— which means approaching with a known business need and showing ROI results from other similar companies.

The problem is, this “best practice” approach isn’t working. New research shows that it DECREASES the likelihood that you’ll win executive meetings. And executives themselves say they aren’t hearing the information they want and need from most salespeople.

So, what’s the most effective way to win executive access? And once they book the meeting, how can your reps navigate executive conversations with the confidence needed to win the deal?

In this webinar replay with Ryan Longfield, CRO at Gong, and Rob Perillion, SVP at Corporate Visions, you’ll discover:

  • Surprising new research that disproves the “best practice” approach for gaining executive access
  • A science-backed approach that’s proven to win more meetings with C-level buyers
  • How to build a business case to motivate C-suite decision makers to buy from you

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