Memorable Marketing

Marketing used to be about building awareness and running campaigns at the top of the funnel. Those campaigns generated interest and then, at some point, there was always a handoff to Sales, who would ultimately guide the buyer toward a decision.

Then, several years ago, it all started to change. Buyers began doing research, forming opinions, and narrowing their options all on their own. Industry analysts now say that 80 percent of the sales cycle happens in digital or remote settings.

The proliferation of digital content and changing buyer preferences continue to push the role of marketing even further down the sales funnel. Buyers aren’t just talking to sales to make decisions—buyers are using digital content to learn and shop at their own pace.

Marketers are also more involved in keeping and growing business with existing customers. Marketing runs renewal and upsell cadences, creates business review decks, and educates customers on additional purchase options.

As the marketing role evolves, one thing is clear: It’s no longer enough to drive awareness or interest—you are now in the business of influencing buying decisions.

Unfortunately, most marketers don’t believe their content is memorable or actionable.

In a recent industry survey, 87 percent of B2B marketers told us that they’re unsure or don’t believe that their audience acts on their content.

And even though the vast majority of marketers (91 percent) agree that it’s important for their audiences to remember their content, only 26 percent feel confident that the marketing materials they produce are, in fact, memorable.

So, how can B2B marketers go beyond awareness and consideration and actually influence buying decisions?

Corporate Visions research shows that the primary factor that drives decisions is memory. Your buyer interacts with your marketing content in one moment, but they decide to act later on.

If you want to influence those decisions in your favor, your marketing must be memorable enough to stick in your buyer’s mind as they move through their decision-making process.

In this collection of science-backed resources, you’ll discover the skills and techniques you need to make your marketing more memorable, influential, and persuasive.

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