Solution Brief: The Memorable Marketing™ System

According to industry analysts, 80 percent of the sales cycle now happens in digital or remote settings. That means that Marketing—traditionally focused on top-of-funnel brand awareness and demand generation—has a new mandate. Today, Marketing is tasked with driving the actual decisions prospects and customers make about whether to buy your products, renew your programs, or grow your relationship.

Research shows that the number one factor driving those buying decisions is memory. Buyers interact with your marketing in one moment, but they decide to buy at a later time. Unfortunately, too much of what marketing creates today is forgettable. As a result, it’s not influencing buyers in the future, where those critical buying decisions happen.

With Corporate Visions’ Memorable Marketing System, marketers learn to tell provocative, visually compelling stories that appeal to the decision-making part of the brain.

  • Memorable Messages: Master scientifically proven message frameworks for acquiring new business or growing business with existing customers.
  • Memorable Content: Learn evidence-based techniques to attract your buyers’ attention and stay on their minds long enough to influence their decisions.
  • Memorable Visuals: Sharpen your visual thinking skills and create designs that spark action—whether or not you have graphic design skills.
  • Memorable Storytelling: Learn the brain science behind creating great narratives and practice applying it to your own business setting.

Each course can be delivered online or in person, and features digital workbooks and assets, frameworks and templates to guide application, and access to post-workshop reinforcement.

Get the solution brief, and contact us to learn more about Memorable Marketing™ Training from Corporate Visions.

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