Webinar Replay: How to Make Marketing Memorable

The only reason you create marketing materials is to influence your buyers’ decisions in some way. But influence is really a function of memory. After all, your buyers will make decisions based on what they remember. And you can’t hope to influence those decisions if your messages and content aren’t memorable.

So how do you create memorable marketing?

In this webinar replay with cognitive neuroscientist and Chief Science Officer Dr. Carmen Simon, you’ll see the results of our most recent research and learn practical techniques to activate your buyer’s memory and make your marketing more influential.

Some techniques will confirm your strategies, while others will surprise you. For example:

  • Repetition helps memory but only a specific kind of repetition works in a competitive space.
  • Less is not more when aspiring to be memorable.
  • Simplicity is not always the answer when content is complex.

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