Webinar Replay: Driving Digital Engagement Whether Self-service or Sales-led

Industry analysts now say that 80% of the sales cycle happens in digital environments.

Buyers are relying more on digital, self-service content to learn and buy at their own pace. And, when they finally do talk to sales reps, those conversations are happening in a virtual setting, requiring excellent digital content support.

How do you ensure your digital and virtual buyer interactions are enabling your buyers to make decisions in your favor?

In this webinar replay with Tim Riesterer, Author and Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Ardath Albee, Author and CEO of Marketing Interactions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create digital experiences that engage and advance your buyers when they are in self-service mode
  • Equip field salespeople to deliver compelling virtual selling experiences when buyers are ready to meet with them
  • Ensure consistent customer conversations across the Deciding Journey, regardless of touchpoint

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