E-book: High-Velocity Selling

driving urgency and action in short-sprint sales cycles

In fast-moving, high-volume sales, sellers need to appeal to the buyer and close the deal in one or two calls. As a result, sellers can get overzealous, pushing and hustling through conversations that require more finesse.

These sales happen at a high velocity, but speed doesn’t trump patience and skill.

If you don’t take time to understand how your buyers frame value, appeal to their motivations in the moment, and present a differentiated value proposition, you’ll end up becoming just another commodity provider competing on price.

How can you accomplish all that in just a few short conversations?

In this e-book, you’ll learn research-backed concepts and tactics to motivate buyers to act quickly while fully articulating your value.

Get this e-book and discover:

  • Decision Science principles to make your messages more persuasive and motivating.
  • Must-have sales techniques to differentiate and facilitate faster, favorable choices.
  • Situational frameworks to optimize acquisition versus expansion selling.

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