E-book: To Challenge or Not To Challenge?

Which buying situations call for a disruptive, insight-driven story? And when might you want to dial it back with a message that follows a much different—even opposite—approach?

Different moments demand different messages. In our latest eBook—”To Challenge or Not to Challenge?”—you’ll get a rundown of original research designed to help you match your message to the buying moment. The findings will help you tell the most effective marketing and sales story for the following key situations:

  • “Why Change?” – Convince your prospect to change
  • “Why You?” – Establish clear differentiation
  • “Why Now?” – Convince executive decision-makers to decide now instead of defer
  • “Why Stay?” – Retain your top customers and fend off the competition
  • “Why Pay?” – Get your customers to pay more for your solutions
  • “Why Evolve?” – Convince customers to migrate to upgraded solutions and services

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