Plan Your Strategy: The Four Value Conversations

It’s tempting to believe that your buyers will follow a set of repeatable steps that eventually lead them to choose you. But that’s not reality.

Your buyers don’t care about your sales process—they’re asking weighty questions specific to their current situation. And you can’t expect one-size-fits-all messages and skills to be effective for every buying decision you need to influence in their Customer Deciding Journey.

Use this planner to prepare your approach, tailor your messages, and get the insights you need to win all four Value Conversations:

  • Create Value® – Break the status quo and differentiate your solutions to create more pipeline.
  • Elevate Value® – Build a business case to justify executive decisions and close more deals.
  • Capture Value® – Manage pricing tension and drive consensus to increase profitability.
  • Expand Value® – Improve retention and upsell interactions to grow existing customer revenue.

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