Research Brief: Winning the Win-Back

Whether it was due to a service failure, a competitor relationship, or they were lured away by a better price; your once-loyal customer decided to leave.

These former customers represent an enticing opportunity to recoup lost revenue. But it’s not an easy conversation. They aren’t motivated by the same messages as existing customers. But these buyers also aren’t quite new prospects.

So what’s the best message to use?

In this behavioral study conducted by Dr. Leff Bonney, behavioral scientist and Associate Professor of Sales and Marketing at the Florida State University Sales Institute, we tested several win-back messages to learn which is most effective for persuading lost customers to return.

Get this research brief to find out which message was most effective when customers were:

  • Pushed away by a service failure or inventory-related issue
  • Pulled away by a competitor relationship
  • Priced away with a promise to spend less

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