These days, B2B marketers and sales reps are expected to amass an encyclopedic understanding of their targets—everything from earnings data to competitive intelligence to where the CEO went to grammar school. And the B2C experience has only heightened the expectation that you’ll be able to transform all that data into crisp, tailored communications that have been personalized down to the last period.

But is all this personalization truly necessary? And, more importantly, is it working? When it comes to personalization, theories and opinions tend to run rampant, while data and facts seem to be in short supply.

The goal of every personalization strategy is to win more business. So, while it’s important to ensure your communications are relevant and engaging, the final measure of success is whether or not they snag new buyers. All that account research comes at a cost. It costs you time. It costs you resources. It costs you dollars. And if your efforts fall flat, your time, resources, and dollars trickle right down the drain.

The question, then, is—what sort of personalization does drive action? What’s the best approach for developing and targeting those meaningful communications to generate tangible results?

How you personalize your messages can have a powerful impact on your buyer—or not.

In this collection of science-backed resources, you’ll find out what kind of personalization is most effective for getting attention, winning meetings, and closing more deals.

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