Webinar Replay: Avoid the Parity Trap

new research reveals the best way to differentiate your solutions

No one wants to believe your solutions are the same as your competitors. Yet, in well-defined categories, multiple companies can feasibly do the same job with similar capabilities and pricing.

How do you avoid this parity trap and create the competitive separation you need to stand out? How do you position your solution in a way that persuades buyers to choose you?

Watch this Emblaze on-demand webinar based on a brand-new behavioral research study conducted with 400 B2B decision-makers. Join Doug Hutton, SVP of Products, and Dr. Nick Lee, behavioral scientist and Professor of Marketing at Warwick Business School, to discover:

  • How positioning the exact same features in different ways can completely change your buyer’s perception of value and preference for you.
  • What popular approach to value propositions turns out to be the biggest loser across every measure.
  • Why the popular adage “less is more” may be the exact wrong advice, and a concept called “telling details” changes everything you may have believed.

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