Checklist: 10 Science-Backed Tips to Make Your Sales Cadence More Persuasive

make your sales cadence more persuasive

Using automated cadences, your sellers can deliver more touches in less time.

But there’s a lot to think about when you’re building an effective sales cadence. What kind of messaging is most effective? What kind of content should you include? How many attempts are enough to get a prospect to respond?

Your cadence is only as effective as what you put in it. Don’t risk your opportunity pipeline by guessing what to include.

In this checklist, you’ll get 10 science-backed tips to make your sales cadences more persuasive and motivating.

  • Master the message with guidelines backed by behavioral research.
  • Choose the right content with field-tested tips to motivate your prospects.
  • Deliver smart cadences using the right number of attempts on the right channels.

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