Checklist: 9 Tips for Creating Sales Videos That People Want to Watch

Getting people’s attention and interest with email is more challenging than ever. People receive hundreds of emails every day, and decision-makers are filtering out and deleting most of them.

What’s worse, you’re not just competing with all the other emails in the inbox—you’re competing with the inherently negative experience of email itself.

Emblaze’ recent brain study provides scientific evidence that video can help your sales message stand out. Compared to text-only content, video allows you to show, rather than just tell, and use visuals to make your message clearer, more engaging, and more memorable.

But how can you apply the research to create attention-grabbing videos your buyers want to watch?

Get this checklist for nine practical, science-backed tips to:

  • Plan your videos to make them more persuasive and actionable.
  • Produce your videos in a way that captures (and keeps) your buyer’s attention.
  • Deliver your videos in compelling emails to win more engagement and interest.

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