Webinar Replay: Building Credibility in a Virtual Sales World

Your sellers’ ability to build credibility with buyers is critical. Without credibility, your prospects and customers might feel skeptical as to whether your solution can effectively meet their business goals.

But building credibility can be a challenge—especially in virtual environments rife with distractions. In virtual meetings, your prospects and customers need extra reassurance that your message and your messengers are believable.

How can your sellers establish credibility quickly and effectively in a virtual setting?

Find out in this webinar with Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions and B2B DecisionLabs, and Craig Simons, Director of Growth at Allego. You’ll get practical guidelines for achieving and sustaining credibility in a virtual meeting.

Get science-backed answers to questions like:

– What if you include more than one speaker?
– How should you introduce people at the beginning of the call?
– What else can you do to help your buyers remember your message?

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