Webinar Replay: High-Velocity Seller? Fresh Skills for Winning the One- or Two-Call Close

One, two, close. If you’re selling high-volume solutions, you have precious little time to “run a process.”

In the fast-moving, short-sprint sales cycle, you need to motivate buyers to act quickly while fully articulating a differentiated value proposition.

Unfortunately, using a modified version of your company’s complex sales process isn’t helping your high-velocity job. The six-step strategic selling programs, multi-step opportunity management templates, and consultative trusted-advisor skills training just won’t cut it.

If you and your team need some fresh ideas for the high-velocity, high-volume inside selling environment, don’t miss this webinar featuring two leading sales research and consulting experts: Tim Riesterer, co-author of Conversations that Win and The Expansion Sale, and Nick Toman, co-author of The Challenger Customer and The Effortless Experience.

Go beyond traditional, un-differentiated qualification and discovery with:

  • Value framing techniques to differentiate and facilitate faster, favorable choices.
  • Try-it-on approaches that quickly contextualize your demos to make them relevant.
  • Situational fluency frameworks that optimize acquisition versus expansion selling.

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