When it comes to revenue growth, what separates the leaders from the laggards?

It’s not your products or services. In any category, many companies have similar offerings.

It’s not your people. There are talented people in every organization.

And it’s not your leadership. Most leaders are pretty good at setting and defining a growth strategy.

The real difference is the ability—or inability—to execute on that growth strategy. And the number one concern we hear from commercial leaders right now is uncertainty about their ability to execute.

This is borne out by research from Sales Benchmark Index, which found that only 45 percent of CEOs are confident in their team’s ability to execute on their growth strategy. That means that 55 percent— the majority—are not!

So how do you close that confidence gap?

The best approach to execution doesn’t rely on guesswork, theories, or so-called “best practices,” but rather on actual scientific research and testing. That means understanding how your buyers frame value and make choices—to purposefully align your growth plays, your growth levers, and your growth teams to match their decision-making process.

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