E-book: Bring Clarity to Your Revenue Growth Strategy

closing the confidence gap

Only 45 percent of CEOs say they’re confident that their teams can execute their revenue growth strategy, according to research from Sales Benchmark Index.

Why? For years, sales organizations have relied on so-called “best practices” to increase confidence and improve execution. They study what other organizations have done, or maybe what they’ve done in the past, and try to mimic those tactics for their current company or situation.

The problem is, those “best practices” are really theories based on the singular experience of one company at a specific point in time.

There’s no scientific rigor involved in vetting those claims, no correlation between cause and effect, and no evidence that any particular action led to that specific result.

In other words, best practices are just best guesses.

And if you’re making business decisions based on best guesses, is it any wonder you don’t have confidence in your ability to execute?

In this e-book, you’ll discover an entirely new approach to executing your revenue growth strategy with clarity and confidence. Based on scientific research and buying psychology principles, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prioritize your growth plays—the specific initiatives you need to launch to address your top revenue challenges.
  • Target the right growth levers, or focus areas, that will have the most immediate and profound impact on your performance.
  • Enable all your growth teams (not just sales) to transform growth into a truly cross-functional effort.

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