Webinar Replay: Win the Expansion Growth Play – Leveraging Relationships to Grow Revenue

Analysts estimate that as much as 70–80 percent of the average company’s revenue and profits come from existing customers.

Yet, most companies put very little purposeful effort toward customer expansion as a growth engine.

In fact, almost 60 percent of B2B organizations don’t differentiate their customer expansion messaging from customer acquisition messaging—they simply use the same approach, regardless of the customer relationship.

Behavioral science, however, reveals that the buyer psychology in expansion situations is 180 degrees different than in acquisition situations. And if you don’t tailor your expansion strategy to meet these unique pressures and demands, you’re putting most of your revenue at risk.

In this webinar with Doug Hutton, EVP of Customer Experience at Corporate Visions, you’ll get science-based principles and research-backed techniques to win your customer expansion growth play.

Specifically, you’ll see how to:

    • Build expansion messages backed by behavioral research to defend and evolve customer relationships.
    • Embed effective processes to enable account development and more profitable expansion opportunities.
    • Use science-backed skills to leverage your Incumbent Advantage, maintain executive attention, and grow customer spend.

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