Checklist: Three Tips to Motivate Your Sellers to Use Your Content

motivate sellers to use your content

Your marketing team’s goal is to create memorable and persuasive content that moves buyers to choose you. But all that effort they put into crafting that collateral gets wasted if you can’t convince your sellers to use it.

How can you motivate sellers to actually use the assets that marketing creates?

Research from Allego and B2B DecisionLabs shows that how you present new content impacts if it is adopted. Even if you start with identical content, the presenter you choose—and the story they tell—will significantly affect your sellers’ willingness to use it.

In this checklist, you’ll have research-based tips to identify:

  • Who should be presenting new content to your sales team
  • How you should walk through using the new piece
  • What you should ask sellers to consider

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