The Most Effective Ways to Segment Your Prospects

effective segmentation, backed by research

Relying on the wrong segmentation—or no segmentation at all—puts your buyer on a random path. The deal might close, but they might also experience significant delays in the buying process.

But research from Emblaze shows that when you use the right criteria to segment your prospects, you can better predict the buyer’s journey. And when you can plan for how buyers will move through their decision-making process, you can take steps to enable your team, influence that process, and make it faster and easier to close the deal.

In this checklist, you’ll learn more about two research-backed segmentation criteria to better predict your buyer’s journey. You’ll see:

  • Why knowing your buyer’s situation is more important than their disposition.
  • How to identify details of your prospect’s specific problems.
  • What types of triggers create urgency for your buyer’s journey.

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