Webinar Replay: The Agile Revenue Organization – Responding to Change without Losing Grip on Your Goals

Change is inevitable and constant. Competitive moves, market changes, and global economic events continuously force companies to adapt faster and smarter than ever before.

And in the face of change, agile revenue organizations win.

Beyond winning in one moment, agile revenue organizations maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. No matter what opportunities, threats, or risks emerge, these organizations can respond with speed and scale without losing sight of their strategic goals.

Sound implausible? Think again.

In this webinar with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Tanner Mezel, VP of Sales and Marketing at DSG, you’ll learn precisely what it takes to become an agile revenue organization.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Create marketing messages and content that match your buyers’ motivations and your sellers’ conversations.
  • Build the right mix of core, situational, and dynamic sales plays to ensure consistent performance across every sales channel.
  • Enable your revenue organization to respond quickly with tailored skills reinforcement and needs-based content.

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