Webinar Replay: The Collaborative Sale – How to Get Sellers Thinking Like Consultants

When you’re selling to new prospects, you need to tell a distinct and disruptive story that paints a compelling buying vision for change.

But even if prospects realize why they need to change, they don’t always understand what that change management process looks like in action. And unless you can make change feel easy, the deal is still at risk of being lost to status quo.

How can you not only create the buying vision, but also help your buyers define the path to realize that change?

In this webinar with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Tom Williams, Head of Clari Align, you’ll learn how to combine psychological selling principles with a collaborative sales process to:

  • Get your sellers thinking like consultants to co-create a buying vision for change with prospects.
  • Create a scalable process for your sellers and buyers to predict potential roadblocks and realize value faster.
  • Capture executive-level attention now to win more renewal and expansion conversations later.

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