Webinar: The Four Imperatives for Sales Enablement in 2021 and Beyond

It’s no surprise that today’s buyer does most of their research without engaging with sales. And when buyers finally do talk to your reps, those conversations are happening remotely more often than not.

As we roll into 2020, your sales enablement content can no longer just be a sidekick to an in-person sales conversation—it must stand on its own, address your buyer’s big questions, and showcase your unique value.

Join Erik Peterson, CEO, Corporate Visions, and Jon Perera, CMO, Highspot as they share the trends and give you the insights to help you understand this new world of enablement and drive your sales strategy in 2020 and beyond.

These Trends Include:

  • Customer Success Emerges as a Growth Engine
  • Remote Selling Replacing Face to Face
  • Training Adapts to the Speed of Business
  • Sales and Marketing Converge

Watch the OnDemand Webinar now and begin to seize these trends and lead the charge toward this new reality of selling!

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