E-book: Winning the Counterintuitive Conversation

Four Ways Your Customer Conversations Need to Change

Much has changed for sales and marketing lately. From the way your customers engage with you to the support your reps need in the field to the way sales and marketing must now interact, long-established commercial models are being disrupted in a major way.

So in the face of this disruption how can you distinguish critical trends from passing fads? And how do you decide which of these challenges to tackle first?

Check out our latest eBook and learn the four trends we’ve pinpointed as especially relevant to our clients and how a counterintuitive approach to your customer conversations can help you conquer these challenges and defeat your competition.

Get the ebook and you’ll learn how to:

  • Master a different set of customer conversations to drive renewals and upsells
  • Re-design your skills, content, and messaging strategy to fit an increasingly remote selling environment
  • Drive the long-term behavioral change your sales leaders are seeking using a virtual recorded training model
  • Deliver marketing messages and content that speak to your prospects and customers in a way that is relevant, resonant, and real

Get the E-book

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