Sales Kickoffs

Every great sales kickoff event aims to get your team fired up, energized, and ready to win.

Yet, year after year, most sales kickoffs get dragged down by too many informational, product-based breakouts. And all these product presentations often come at the expense of more customer-centric activities—including practice and coaching—that actually drive more energy, better performance, and lasting behavior change.

Successful sales kickoffs don’t get hung up on product enablement. Instead, they focus on better customer conversation enablement—the story and skills your sales teams need to move the buyer from the status quo to interested to yes!

How can you inject some much-needed energy and motivation into your sales kickoffs?

Re-imagining your kick-off event really comes down to answering this two-part question: How do you launch strategic growth initiatives, while also energizing your teams to change the necessary behaviors to activate those programs?

It starts with helping sellers understand the science of decision making and what excites sellers. It moves to demonstrating new stories based on the science of how buyers frame value and make choices. It then pivots to the new storytelling skills required to deliver these distinctive customer conversations. And it finishes with observable practice and coaching, along with follow-on activities for demonstrated proficiency.

In this collection of science-backed resources, you’ll discover what it takes to plan and deliver a sales kickoff that gets your reps excited and drives lasting behavior change.

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