E-book: Enabling the Just-in-Time, Situational Salesperson

Salespeople learn best “in the moment,” when they need to address a gap. They are situational learners. That’s why your messaging, skills coaching, and other sales enablement content need to be situational, too.

Our new eBook, Enabling the Just-in-Time, Situational Learner, explores what’s accelerating the rise of situational learning, and how it can help salespeople learn and execute better on the strength of:

  • Tested and proven messaging frameworks that salespeople can put into action, helping them master the key stories they need to succeed throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • Skills training competencies that are chunked up, virtualized, and matched to the key messages in the customer lifecycle.

  • Integrated, interactive formats that can be accessed anytime and anywhere by salespeople, making just-in-time learning a powerful reality.

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