Video: The Power of Rapid Response Situational Enablement

As the rapidly changing world has shown, scheduling your training and enablement to follow a yearly (or even quarterly) plan won’t help you address the most critical business challenges when they arise. Responding to urgent needs and strategic initiatives requires you to quickly adjust and align your company around the right story and the right skills to tell that story. Learning at this level requires flexible, responsive training and enablement content that you can deploy in hours, days, or weeks—not months or years. And you need to make sure it’s instantly consumable anywhere in the world.

In this replay of Tim Riesterer’s breakout session at the Showpad Transform 2020 conference, you’ll learn how to:

  • Respond to your organization’s most urgent and strategic enablement imperatives as they evolve in real-time.
  • Deploy Situational Sales Enablement at the exact moment your team needs it.
  • Enable on-demand, flexible learning that’s as effective—if not more effective—than traditional in-person training events.

Market changes, competitive moves, and business strategy shifts don’t fall neatly on a calendar. Why should your training initiatives?

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