Webinar Replay: Ready for Launch

boosting your sellers’ momentum and sustaining their success

You can’t wait three to six months for new sellers to learn the ropes. You need to onboard your sales reps quickly to help them hit their numbers as soon as possible.

But sales reps can only learn as much as your training plan can offer. When onboarding feels sluggish, it stalls their progress—and your pipeline.

What if you could not only accelerate your new sellers’ momentum from day one but sustain that success and support ongoing performance growth?

Find out how in this webinar replay with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Russell Wurth, VP of Enablement at Showpad. You’ll learn how to bolster your sellers’ performance with:

  • Rapid onboarding using personalized, self-paced training and enablement experiences at scale.
  • Demonstrated proficiency through fit-for-duty practice and skills certification.
  • Ongoing reinforcement with in-the-moment coaching and feedback for every call.

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