Webinar Replay: Science-Backed Strategies to Win Over Today’s B2B Buyers

A 2021 study from McKinsey and Company found buyers now use up to 10 channels to interact with suppliers across their buying journey—up from five in 2016.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a round of golf or a steak dinner was enough for a skilled sales rep to seal the deal. Nowadays, not so much. Today’s B2B buyers prefer to do their own research (and lots of it) before making a decision.

So when a seller finally gets in front of a buyer, it’s showtime. Sellers need to go into every conversation equipped with a rich understanding of the buyer’s motivations, keen situational awareness, and science-backed messaging that wins in the moment.

In this webinar, Orhan Dayioglu, Global Director Advisory Services at Showpad and Doug Hutton, EVP Customer Experience at Corporate Visions, will share insights into:

  • Emerging trends impacting the B2B buying process and buyer-seller dynamics.
  • New research on buyer behaviors, motivations, and decision making.
  • The science-backed conversation skills sellers need to ace the key moments in the Customer Deciding Journey.
  • How sales organizations can use sales enablement technology to drive better conversations with fewer resources.

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