Webinar Replay: Unify Sales and Marketing with Science and Story

Most sellers and marketers have their own “bag of tricks”—borrowed, inherited, or recycled tales and techniques that are passed from one teammate to another. Whether these techniques help attract and win new business is debatable—even though they sometimes become their organization’s so-called “best practices.”

What’s more, your sellers and marketers may be telling your buyers completely different stories, with no common language or agreed upon narrative. This means that buyers are confused—and end up doing nothing.

The enablement team at Synthego Corporation, a genome engineering biotechnology company, wanted to strengthen their ability to communicate value, engage buyers, and tell stories. They traded a hodgepodge of so-called “best practices” for a thoughtful, strategic, science-backed approach that aligns sales and marketing.

Their results speak for themselves. Barely six months into deployment of their new skills and messages, Synthego has achieved:

  • 12% increase in their win rate
  • 15% decrease in their time to close (after eliminating an entire step in their sales process)
  • 60% decrease in new rep ramp time to 5th deal (a metric they use to ensure repeatable success)

In a conversation with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, Harrison Waid, Senior Director of Commercial Enablement at Synthego, shares how his team made this happen.

Tune in to this webinar to hear learnings and lessons from Synthego on how you also can:

  • Align sales, marketing, and enablement through a thoughtful, science-backed approach.
  • Transform technical, tactical details into compelling stories that inspire buy-in.
  • Support sales managers with research-based coaching tools and techniques.

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